Slay your next event and walk away having heard in repeat, 'OMG I love your outfit, you look fabulous and you're leaking amazing energy.'

Get Ready to Turn Heads and say goodbye to event prep stress; let a stylist handle all the details. 

The last thing I would want for you is to run to the mall last minute and search for the perfect head-turning outfit, believe it would just appear like magic... and leave empty-handed.

Because there are fewer and fewer choices at a mall, fewer and fewer choices online that are dependable and reliable. 

Que in my last styling client who ordered that Instagram famous dress influenced by an insta-famous influencer, only to have it come in, put it on and have her boobs hanging out, her crying in the morning because she was banking on wearing the outfit that day, to an event where she was needing to make a head-turning statement.

Let's be real.. you or someone you know has been in this situation.

You start to stress about the event, you try to pull last-minute things together in your closet that feel blah.

You start thinking about how you're going to look and you start to spin out of control into a frenzy of overwhelm.

Ending with, "I hate what I'm wearing, and I hate my life."

Life is already overwhelming and busy as it is. 

The last thing a stylist wants is for their clients to be stressing about what to wear and rummaging through their wardrobe in despair.


Spending hours upon hours scrolling down the deep dark rabbit hole at midnight. Overwhelmed by the choice. 

And this is why the OUTFIT CURE is your cure

The minute you complete your registration for the OUTFIT CURE an email will land in your inbox with all the onboarding details including:

✨A place to tell me all about you, your event and your needs

INCLUDING a spot to drop any photos of items from your wardrobe you want to wear to this event. 

And what you'll get back is: