Tiger's Eye Healing Gemstone Stacking Bracelet

Healing Gemstone Stacking Bracelet
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• Handmade with 2-3mm natural gemstones

• adjustable soft cotton cord - fit all wrist sizes from 6"-9".

• comes packaged on a card, with the description of the stone on the back of the card.



This bracelet is made with a nylon cord. It is safe to shower and wear in water.



Amethyst (purple) - peace | stability | calm
Rose Quartz (rose quartz) - self love | compassion | healing
Black Onyx (black) - protection | strength | grounding
Labradorite (grey) - strength | transformation | protection
Moonstone (white) - balance | new beginnings | growth
Turquoise (turquoise) - purification | optimism | serenity