Anti Liquid Aerosol Spray

The chemists at Anti Liquid have changed the way you were afraid of getting wet or your outfit stained with the revolutionary Anti Liquid formula. It's very simple to apply our sprays to ANYTHING you don't want to get WET! Spray anywhere you'd like ( Not
  • AntiLiquid formula does not change the color, feel, or flexibility of the item it's sprayed on.
  • Spray and apply to any surface except food, electronics or consumable items.
  • Great for clothes, apparel, camping, hats, shoes, concrete and much more.
  • Fast-drying fluropolymer compound creates invisible and breathable protection.
  • Waterproof coating repels water, dirt, and oil & helps prevent stains.
  • Safe to use on suede and nubuck.

Q: How long does ANTI LIQUID spray protect the item it is applied to?
A: ANTI LIQUID Spray should only need reapplying of one to two spray coats on the product you'd like to protect every 5-6 weeks. Hold the spray bottle 8-12” from surface and coat the entire object until wet. Let the object dry entirely naturally for best results.

Q: How much can one can protect?
We suggest you double up on coating your apparel the first time, and with that being said, one can protects around 20 pairs of shoes, 25 shirts and so on. Coverage: 40-60 sq. ft.

Q: Will ANTI LIQUID Spray change or affect the color, material, or look of the item they're sprayed on?
No way. Ever. Once the spray dries it’s completely invisible.

Q: Will the items still be able to breathe?
 ANTI LIQUID doesn’t block the materials in any way, so yes; your shirt, shoes, purse, etc are free to breathe.

Q: Can I spray it on patent leather or vinyl?
A: ANTI LIQUID doesn’t recommend spraying on vinyl or patent leather



*** Please note that this product can not ship internationally.